Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

Goal Achieved!!!

Let me set the stage …

Last summer I went to visit my Aunt.  She was/is on a crazy weight loss journey.  She was counting calories like a mad woman and weighing herself daily in her underwear to make sure there were no extra pounds.  So me, like a crazy lady decided to jump on her scale.  I threw a huge number out there for what my weight would be.  You can not begin to imagine the look of surprise on my face when the scale confirmed the number was right.  GASP, the horror!!  I couldn’t possibly weight that much, but there it was in black and white.  So while I had/have no problems with my weight or the way I look there was no denying the number on the scale.  This might be the real reason I don’t own one; they are bloody depressing.  So I had thoughts of what to do.  I read a tonne of blogs and a few of the ladies were doing Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred.  So I thought “Hey let me try it out”.  So me with my bright self put in the video and picked up some 5 lbs hand weights that I had.  After 2 or 3 arm raises I traded those bad boys in for 2 lbs.  By the end of that level 1 workout my arms went on strike.  Refusing to even pick up a glass of water.  I spent 10 minutes laying on my floor waiting to see what would happen.  My body thought I had lost my mind.  This went on for 3 consecutive days until I said a giant “F U” to Miss Michaels.  All the while the bloggers were writing about doing level 3 easily.  One blogger wrote about doing 2 workouts at a time.  WTF!?!  When did I get so out of shape?  So needless to say, I put Miss Jillian away.  I joined a boot camp where twice a week I worked out with a bunch of fabulous ladies for 1 hour.  This went on for 8 weeks.  I went to every class and I was doing well, inches were lost.  but the cost to continue was too much, so I decided to stop.  I figured I could do it on my own.  I was partial wrong.  Around Christmas I stepped on the scale again and I was 3 lbs lighter.  FRICK!!  So off the exercise wagon I fell.

Then in February I decided I would do the 30 Day Shred again.  But this time I would start on the first of the month and do it every day.  It would be easier to track that way.  Since I had a vacation planned in March I picked April 1 as my start date.  I told a couple of co-workers who decided to join in the fun.  So every morning in April I got up and did level 1.  After 30 days I decided to go to level 2.  This morning represents the 30th day of level 3.  And while no weight has been lost, lots of inches have disappeared and my clothes feel much looser.


Now what to do for the next 30 days?

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