Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

Got up this morning and it felt like a Sunday.  So you can imagine the joy I felt when I realized that it was Saturday!!!  WHOO HOO!!!  One more day away from work.  YIPPEE!!!

Today was a long day.  Even though I was only out of the house for 6.5 hours.  My cousin came to visit which meant a shopping trip.  We went to Wal-mart, which on a Saturday is proof of bad judgement.  That place is always super busy on the week-end.  I rarely go to Wal-mart anymore and when I do I am always amazed at how many people are there.  What are these people buying?  Then we went to the not so good dollar store, which did not have everything she wanted.  Hence the not so good title. 😉  Then to the grocery store, in which my cousin debated buying outdoor chairs for her indoors.  Unfortunately they did not seem to have any in stock other than what was on display.  Then to the better dollar store.  And finally I was able to drop her off, 5 hours later.  Then off to a BBQ.  After the BBQ, I went to do my own grocery shopping.  Man, I am beat.

So to recap, Wal-mart (on a Saturday), 2 grocery stores and 2 dollar stores.

With all this running around the food and water intake were minimal.  I am now trying to chug back the missing 2 liters to keep my minimum 3 liter/day.


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