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This is my tribute to free mal-ware and a spy-ware and the online searches and chat rooms that tell us about them.

To tell this story, I guess you need some background info that I have not previously disclosed.  Here it is … I have 2 beautiful daughters, ages 11 & 13.  These somewhat pampered ladies each have their own computers.  My older daughter, The Princess, is a fairly obedient child.  So when I set up her computer with 2 profiles, hers and mine, she would mostly stay on her profile.  My younger daughter, The Diva, is a rebel with no cause.  As soon as she figured out my profile has less limitations that hers, guess what she started using?  Yup you got it, my unrestricted profile.  Now this would be where you say to your self “Oh goodness, I see trouble brewing, I wonder if her mother sees it too”.  And while I am the first to admit that I knew there was the possibility of issues, I procrastinated … for far too long.  So that brings you up to recent times.

As you know one can only go so far on the Internet without running into trouble.  And trouble is what she found.  About 3 weeks ago, it came to my attention that her Internet was not working.  She had a security alert for 2012.  Well being that it’s not 2012, I figured out it was Trouble with a capital ‘T’.  So I managed to remove it and thought I was home free.  WRONG!!!  She still could not get on the Internet.  After spending 3+ hours on her computer to remove the first issue, I was not ready to sign up to spend more time searching for the elusive demon.

Which brings me to last night.  The Diva had mentioned earlier in the week that she still couldn’t access the Internet.  On went my virus fighting hat and to the computer I went.  After 5+ long and challenging hours, the anti-virus software on her computer was finally able to update itself and seemed right in the world at 2:30AM!?!  I think I won the battle.  This evening I will figure out if I won the war.

UPDATE: All is well with her computer. 🙂


Comments on: "I am a virus slaying warrior woman!!" (4)

  1. Oh my, this little one sure is curious. Hopefully the virus has been slayed and you can create an account for The Diva.

  2. Eek!! Hope you cleaned everything up! Kids are fun aren’t they?! 😉

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