Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

Pet Peeves

Not much bothers me more than people who complain excessively about the following:

The weather: I live in a city that has two climates, hot and cold with a few warm days in between.  It’s been like this for a long while now get over it.

Traffic: We have 2 seasons, winter and construction.  That coupled with the increased number of folks who are driving it just seems to be getting worst.  Don’t like it, take public transit.

Your excessive weight: If for whatever reason you are overweight and have not been exercising for at least 4 months consistently you do NOT have the right to complain.  Have you ever noticed that it’s the ones who complain the most who are usually the first in line for the free treats?

Your imaginary weight: Why do skinny women like to pinch themselves and complain about how fat they are?  It’s called hips honey, you’re a woman you are supposed to have them.

Your job: If you do not enjoy what you do and are not actively looking for another job you do NOT have the right to complain.  I don’t understand in this economy people who are not grateful to have any job.  I think being unemployed right now would really be a downer.

Life in general: I don’t know about you but any day I wake up breathing is a great day in my book.  My life is the only thing I have control of.  Things I am not happy with I have the ability to change.  I am not the only one with this gift. 🙂


Comments on: "Pet Peeves" (2)

  1. Life is full of sunny days. We shouldn’t complain about things if we aren’t actively working to change them and for what we can not control just accept them. 🙂

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