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Oh Mother Nature …

What have we done to offend you so?  I know we take you for granted, do awful things like driving to the corner store instead of walking or biking.  Fill up landfills because we are too lazy or stupid to try to pawn off usable items on strangers and the less fortunate.  Pollute your waters by the various methods.  We don’t reduce, reuse or recycle as much as we could.  But IF I could get 10 100 lots and lots of people to vow to live simply and take better care of you will you stop trying to burn up the planet?

Every time I turn on the news all I seem to hear about is this record-breaking heat wave my part of North America seems to be under.  I feel for the homeless and those without A/C.  Right now at 10:30 pm, the temperature is 30° C (86°F) but with all the lovely humidity it feels like … 38°C (100°F).  Not to state the OBVIOUS but there is no sun outside and it is hot like I would expect it to be at midday in July.  This is not right.  I know there are global warming nay sayers and maybe this increase in temperature is not that but when you take a step back and look at the big picture something just ain’t right.  Call it whatever you want but the planet is protesting loudly.  We should take big steps to get back in Mother Nature’s good graces before it’s too late.

I for one am sad ashamed to admit I used to be a drive to the corner store kinda gal, until my little Diva brought it to my attention that I was killing the polar bears.  So now we walk or at least try to combine activities while we are already out.  I’m trying to set a better example.  There is still plenty more for me to do.  It’s a slow process but one that is well worth while.

FWIW I am not complaining just merely stating my observations and bargaining with the lovely Mother Nature!! 🙂

BTW Mother Nature, I did not turn on my A/C until I had installed a programmable thermostat.  Surely that should earn some brownie points, no?


Comments on: "Oh Mother Nature …" (2)

  1. I hear ya. We had a 9:15pm volleyball game last night and it was still in the 90’s with the heat index. Miserable!

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