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So yesterday morning I got a frantic phone call from my friend.  Turns out she has managed to cut herself on a piece of glass and needed to go to the hospital.  So off I went to pick her up.  On the way I started to tell her that I can’t help her with the car repairs.   She cut me off and told me it’s okay her might-be-ex hubby (they are currently separated) is willing to pay for the repairs.  I breathe a HUGE sigh of relief for her … and myself!  Crisis averted.

Hopefully this experience reinforces in her the need to have an emergency fund.  I don’t think so though.

I don’t think he is doing her any favours but it’s not my call.  And when all is said and done he still wants to remain married so I guess he will be there for her in hopes that these events will sway her to put the marriage back together.

Life can be more complicated than it needs to be sometimes.  But as long as it’s not my life … 🙂


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  1. Maybe we ought to get her a copy of Gail’s or Dave Ramsey’s book as an early Christmas present? Teach a man to fish… : )

  2. Gotta love it when life works itself out like that! Too bad she’s not applying the good principles in Gail’s book, she would change her life and feel so much more in control of her life.

    • Indeed. I don’t see her changing anytime soon. Someone has always come through and rescued her so no need to change in her mind.
      I am thanking my lucky stars that I did not loan her the money as her hand injury “required” her to take the entire week off without pay!?! So the repayment would not have happened on time.

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