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Hump Day

I don’t know if it’s because the week-end was busy or just I am getting old (please say this isn’t it) but this week is DRAGGING.  It’s only 8 pm and I am ready to go to bed.

The week so far:

Saturday – Went to visit with a friend.  She lives about 20 minutes drive North of my house.  At 8 pm, I picked my sister up from her soccer game, 45 minutes North of my house.  We then went back to my friend’s house and hung out until 10 pm.

Sunday – I took my sister back to the same soccer field.  She had a game at 1 pm.  We arrived at noon.  The outcome of this game would determine if they would play in the finals that evening.  They won the 1 pm game but lost the finals in a shoot out.  All and all it was a good game.  But all that fresh air made for a tired girl (me, not my sister).

Monday –  Went to work 2 hours early and stayed until my regular end time.  What a long day.  10 hours at work is not fun.

Tuesday – Took my Princess to the dentist to get her braces adjusted.  Then to my Dad’s to celebrate my brother’s birthday.  Left my Dad’s around 10 pm.

Wednesday – Diva had to go to camp early as they were going on a trip.  So late night coupled with an earlier than usual morning made for an ugly day.

There seems to be no rest for the wicked.  And I have been VERY wicked.  I am ready for bed and my Mother has just arrived at my doorstep.  There is no end in sight.


Comments on: "Hump Day" (3)

  1. Work in Progress said:

    Yikes! I was feeling exhausted, but my week has been nothing like yours. It sounds like you need to take ten minutes or so to just… be away from things. Or if you have a bit more time, a half-hour power-nap when you get home from work can do wonders.
    I’d recommend the Relax hypnosis app by Andrew Johnson. I swear by those things.

  2. Okay, and I thought I had a busy weekend 😦 I hope you can take some “me” time off this week with Diva away at camp.

    This week is dragging for me, too. Another “Counting to payday” kind of week. August, are you here yet?

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