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Sometimes life aligns you with certain people who you need to meet.

I have had this rough idea of how long it would take me to rid myself of the mountain of debt I have acquired.  I started reading PF blogs and got inspired to slay the debt dragon.  It was a vague plan.

We all know the fundamentals of how to get out of debt.  We have read the books, talk to the experts and watched Gail Vaz-Oxlade (the nicer Canadian version of Suze Orman).  Yet there are a lot of us who are still in debt.  What are we doing wrong??

I can’t speak for anyone else but myself and I know where I went wrong.  I created a budget that was too strict and then failed to follow it.  I then renewed my commitment to becoming debt free and started to follow a revised budget more closely.  While I have yet to get to the jars I am following the debt repayment and savings part of my budget with greater care.  Then recently I put away the credit card.  And presto change-o, less debt acquired!  Funny how that happens.  But this living life as a pauper sucks royally.  Especially when I have a few friends that are living it up.

Logically I know it took a while for me to create this mess so it will take some time (and then some) to get out of it.  But man, I don’t wanna wait.  *insert whiney voice here*  Oh this world of instant gratification.  😦

Anyhoo back to the certain people.  My path has crossed with Lane (my new secret PF crush and bestest friend ever!) from In Mint Condition who recently wrote this fabulous article about calculating debt reduction using this handy-dandy calculator spreadsheet.  I now have A PLAN that’s S.M.A.R.T.!!  And according to this calculator I will be debt free in July 2015!?!

I figured it would take about 4 years to pay off my debt.  I am surprised by the fact that I am dead on.   Who knew?

P.S. Thanks Lane, you are one smart resourceful tamale!!  I look forward to reading what you write next.


Comments on: "There is no such thing as coincidence" (9)

  1. Oh I have been meaning to use the tool that Lane posted ever since I read her blog entry about it. This gives me double motivation. I’m so curious what my debt free date will be! July 2015 – that’s only 4 years away!!!

    • And at the half way mark we shall have a small celebration. I don’t know about you but I take July 2015as a personal challenge to see if I can be debt free before then. May the games begin!!!

  2. In a demented way, I’m glad our debt-free dates are years from now, as opposed to “months” for the lucky few with smaller debts. Then that means I’ll be here with you even longer! Eeee!!

  3. Lane has been an awesome addition to the PF blogging world.

  4. […] about the very cool (and FREE) debt reduction calculator Vertex42.  Then I read about how Life is Full of Sunny Days figured out her Debt Free date using it and decided to give it a […]

  5. I know exactly how you feel. I don’t want to wait, I want it paid off now! But where was that attitude for the past 8 years when I was out accumulating my debt 🙂 ? We’ll get there!

  6. […] long while ago I found this fantastic debt calculator spreadsheet.  I typed in my numbers and got a debt free […]

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