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As the title suggests I am taking a trip.  I don’t call it a vacation because I am taking my children with me and ANYONE who has ever traveled with kids knows it is NOT a vacation.

We are driving down to Washington, DC.  It’s about a 10 hour drive give or take.  We have made this trip before.  We have driven to Maryland 3 times before and it’s all in the same neighbourhood as far as I am concerned.  We were supposed to be going back to MD but all the family I usually stay with are unable to put us up. 😦  So we going to visit different family.  New family.  Hopefully it will all go well.

I was planning to leave on Tuesday, but you know what happens when you make a plan … LOL  So today I am rushing around like chicken with its head cut off in order to be able to leave tomorrow.  So much to do so little time to do it.  I need to get some US $.  Thankfully my local TD bank is open on Sundays.  I always thought it was not necessary to have a branch open on a Sunday.  Today I am eating my words.  🙂

While away from home, my financial tracking is minimal to none.  I go in full vacation mode when it comes to spending.  I see, I want it, it goes in the cart.  I am hoping that since I have learned about my July 2015 debt free date it will have some impact on what goes in the cart.

I will keep all my receipts and write down what I spend so I can give a full accounting when I return.

Until then, keep safe and spend less.  Take care.



Comments on: "Going away, but not on vacation" (2)

  1. Enjoy your vacation like trip 🙂

  2. We’ll be in DC this week too. For a not-a-vacation for me.

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