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I’m back!!!

The short trip seemed long if that makes any sense.

It was full of family and a little bit of shopping.  And no, I did NOT attempt to revive the US economy!! 🙂

Short recap:

The drive down was nothing to write home about.  Stayed with a cousin in DC for two nights.  Then off  to my other cousin’s house in MD for two nights.  Passed by my Aunt’s place in MD for an hour before driving back yesterday.  Shopped at several Target stores, a few Wal-Marts and one Burlington Coat Factory.

The drive home … was more … interesting.

To start off we left later than any rational human would for a 9 hour drive.  By the time we stopped to eat technically breakfast and stocked up on Chobani, it was 1:45 pm!?!  GPS had an ETA of 10:15 pm.  Nothing I couldn’t handle.  And then I met rush hour(?) traffic.  Alright no problem we would arrive later than scheduled, but then horror.  I turned on the A/C and nothing but hot air blew in my face.  Huh!?!  Not part of my plan.  So we are barely moving and hot, let the fun begin!!!  4 hours into our trip we made a bathroom stop that turned into a small shopping trip.  Cool Wal-Mart air is very refreshing when you have been in a hot car.  So between traffic and shopping our new ETA was 12:15 am.  No worries.  The way I usually go home had us driving up AND down this huge unlit mountain.  Since darkness fell I made an executive decision to try a route that I had only driven once before to avoid the mountain.  GPS did its re-calculating and we were off.  While stopped at a red light in a dark-ish part of town (time was 10 pm) there was a loud tap on my driver’s side window.  A man appeared.  There are no words for what an adrenaline jump that was.  The light changed I drove off.  I have watched way too many episodes of Criminal Minds and CSI.  LOL  Any hoo I decided buddy must have wanted to tell me something so I pulled over on the side of the road once he was back in his car.  This crazy serial killer good Samaritan was only trying to tell me that there were NO lights at the back of my car.  He directed me to the local Wal-Mart and informed me that if stopped by the police, the ticket would be $150!?!  Say WHAT!?!
To make a long story short, I thankfully have a friend who lives about 1/2 hour from where I was who, ever so graciously, came to my rescue.  Wal-Mart did not have the bulbs I needed but we managed to use bulbs that were close enough.  After 3.5 hours(!?!) we were on our way again.  New ETA 4:23 am.  The rest of the drive went well.

I am still sleep deprived.

I have yet to do a full accounting of what this trip cost.  I hope to get that done soon.



Comments on: "I’m back!!!" (8)

  1. YAY welcome back! I felt like a little bit of sunshine was missing in my WordPress reader while you were gone.

    Jeez that’s kind of creepy, but nice of him. I hope you only put the windows down a crack to hear him LOL.

    Mmmm Chobani : )

  2. That would have definitely freaked me out! You would have thought maybe he could have pulled up alongside you to tell you? Oh well – glad it was someone trying to do a good deed and not car jack you!!

  3. Welcome back. I can imagine the adrenaline rush you got. I’m surprised you decided to stop after that.

    Anyways, glad you are back safe and had what seems to be a wonderful trip.

  4. […] is officially the second longest travel day of my life.  The first being my return from MD in August with the burnt out back […]

  5. […] is officially the second longest travel day of my life.  The first being my return from MD in August with the burnt out back […]

  6. […] On Friday, I ended up leaving later than I wanted to.  GPS put us there after 7 but we stopped a few times so we were there after 8.  It was an easy drive except for this whistling noise which we decided was one of my brakes.  What is it with me and car trouble on these long drives? […]

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