Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

I am not sure if this will be accurate as I fell off the “tracking my finances” wagon.

-$41.53 Gas
-$9.01 Tim Horton’s (breakfast)
-$23.00 Lunch

-$154.16 Target
-$9.33 Target
-61.66 Bed Bath and Beyond

No Spend Day
+ $75.00

-$64.31 Costco
-$5.29 Costco (lunch … for 3!!!)
-$37.36 (US) Gas
-$??? Chipotle

-$10.09 Five Guys
-$18? Popeye’s
-$18? Subway

-$3.22 Bulbs for tail lights
-$28.01 (US) Gas (do these two count as Saturday if it was 2 am??)
-$30.00 Dinner

-$4.50 parking
-4.75 breakfast at Tim Horton’s
-$2.00 tip for lunch

Total: -$524.22

Grand Total:  -$449.22 give or take.

Not bad considering, my budget was $500 overall AND my father gave me about $75 (US).


Comments on: "Weekly Spending Recap – Aug 7" (5)

  1. Hahaha.. let me guess what you bought at Costco for three. Hot dogs with free sodas? 😀

  2. Not totally accurate but you did make a very good attempt to keep track and I think that is great. I would count them as Saturday. I usually decide to start the next day’s spending after 6 am.

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