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The diagnosis

I took Betty (yes my car has a name and is considered to be a member of my family!!) to the doctor (mechanic) yesterday morning.  Her A/C compressor has died.  She currently has 93,400 kms (58,000 miles) on her, so it makes sense to me to get it fixed.  The cost to do so is $900 plus taxes.  The compressor will come from the States so it will take 3-4 days.

So I said go ahead and now I am having cold feet.

There is a part of me that thinks I should have gotten a few quotes as that would be the financially wise thing to do.

The other part of me thinks that other quotes would not have mattered as I am going to get this done and the dealer is the one that is going to do it.  Yes I take my car to the dealer for some service repairs.  Don’t judge, I am willing to pay a price for piece of mind on some things.  I was going to take my car to my girlfriend’s mechanic since she just got her a/c repaired.  But after speaking with her I learned that she STILL does NOT have a/c in her car.  Apparently her a/c compressor was replaced, it worked for 2 days and then quit.  When she took it back to the mechanic he told her that the hoses/lines were old and had holes in them, so the cold air was not getting to the interior and they need to be replaced to the tune of … an additional … $1400.00.  WTF!?!  This is on top of the $1800 she originally paid, I say “HELL NO!!  I don’t think so.”

There is a very small part of me that thinks I should have waited, but it’s hot out and I don’t like sweating.  And I don’t do much in terms of … oh lawd I am trying to justify it aren’t I?  Man a few years ago I would not have spent so much time debating this repair at all.  I must be maturing. 🙂 BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

The bottom line is I have the cash to pay for it.  It will not go on credit and I will still have cash left over in my bank account.

So why am I even thinking about this anymore?  Am I becoming an old fuddy duddy who is obsessed with not spending any money or am I jumping the gun and being too quick to fix it as technically it could wait?



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  1. I would do it the same way as you. Unless I trust that mechanic with my life the dealer it is even if it is more expensive. The peace of mind is just there. Your car is also still fairly young in terms of mileage so the dealer seems to be a good call to me/

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