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No rest for the wicked

I don’t know why but lately I can’t seem to get my tail into bed before midnight.  I am no spring chicken and need a full night’s sleep.  And for whatever reason I am denying myself that pleasure.

I have great intentions of getting to bed shortly after 10 but it is just not working out that way.

What is wrong with me?  Now don’t all answer at once!!! LOL


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  1. I’m not sure, sounds like my ‘normal’ I’ll find a million things to do before I can go to sleep and then of course… I can’t sleep till it’s all done. I have a final exam tomorrow and I forecast two hours of sleep for me!

  2. If you figure it out… let me know.

    For me, I’m guessing it’s exercise. Probably if I ran in the afternoons, I’d be tired by 9pm. But I’m just too tired to run lol.

  3. Something has to be keeping you up. Some form of distraction. Like sometimes for me it is blogs so I have to shut off my computer and just lie in darkness till I doze off.

  4. Work in Progress said:

    Agree with Lane. a good run or something would definitely put you to bed a lot earlier. Also, if you drink a lot of caffeine, that can keep you up. I find it’s a vicious cycle for a lot of people. They drink coffee to wake them up after a short sleep the night before, and then their body doesn’t tell them they’re tired so they stay up extra late.

    Diet can also keep you up later than usual–if you’re eating late and your body is still digesting, for example. Good luck catching some z’s!

    • I wish I could blame it on caffeine or eating. It is usually because I am on the internet, looking at blogs or reading the news. I need to get a computer that shuts off at 10 pm.

      • Well, I guess that explains why Rogers cut off your internet. So you could get some sleep.

        Shhhh!! They’re listening to us having this conversation right now…. 😉

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