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I am cheating at work and writing this post.  Something I know you all NEVER do.  😉

Now you might be saying to yourself, “Sunny, why are you telling me this?  I couldn’t care less.  You don’t report to me.”  As true as this is, it is how I will launch into my rant.

**getting on soap box**
**tapping microphone**

I have been a loyal Rogers (provider of all things communications related) customer for 15+ years.  When I moved into my condo 4 years ago I became the supreme customer, taking ALL the services they offer: home phone, cell phone, internet and cable. 

And what has my reward been?  Up until last month I would say great reliable service.  Today I am starting to look at my options. 

About a month or so before my vacation I had no internet.  A technician came out and fixed the problem during a work day.  He split the cable to give the internet it’s own cable.  Life as we know it is great again.

When I returned from vacation, my home phone was not working.  A service call was placed.  I spent 2 hours during a work day at home to get it fixed.  Now my internet is spotty.  To fix my home phone the technician split the cable (again) and now the signal to my internet is not strong enough to provide me with consistent service. 


To fix this, another appointment during work hours has been made … on FRICKIN’ Wednesday!?! 

**getting off soap box**

It’s only Monday … 😦

Don’t they know I am an addict???

Comments on: "Oh Rogers, what have I done to endure your wrath" (3)

  1. Rogers loves you so much as a customer, that they are doing an Interwebs intervention for you. Can’t you see the hidden cameras they’ve installed to document your withdrawal phase? 😀

  2. I would start to get peeved as well. If they have been good to you talk to them first about the annoyances and if the problems persist then start looking into your options.

  3. […] took a deep breath and called Rogers.  Rogers and I have not had the best relationship as evident here and here.  The CSR tried a few options but they didn’t work.  Resigned to a day or 3 […]

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