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WSR for ending Aug 21

Now for our regularly scheduled post.

I must warn you AGAIN that this week is another big spending week.  😦


-$10.00 lunch
-$37.66 dentist

-$35 chiropractor (just learned that I have maxed out my benefits)

-$927.42 a/c repair

-$106.83 groceries 

-$82.98 stuff for kids’ camping trip

-$3.45 McDonald’s 
-$100.00 wedding gift 

Total: -$1303.34

FRICKKKKKKK!!!  Even with 1 no spend day … this is not good at all.

I would like to say that I am going on a fiscal fast for this week.  Which should be easy since the kids are gone but I have planned a dinner out with one of my cousins and a lunch with a friend.  If I can stick to just those two outings I should be ok.

Next week will be better, I swear.

*the above does not include my savings, mortgage or debt repayment.


Comments on: "WSR for ending Aug 21" (10)

  1. $927 to fix your AC?! What was wrong with it? Ouch!!!

  2. Murphy’s Law, always finding a way to eat our money 😦

  3. That’s a lot of money to fix an ac. Minus the ac I think you did very good.

  4. […] this and this, when money was escaping from my bank account with little regard for my hopes and dreams??  Well […]

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