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What was I thinking?

I work for a small company with 40 employees.  There are 3 people including myself who work in my department.  I am the back up for BOTH of them.  This year for whatever reason the fates have aligned so that both my co-workers end up taking vacation at the same time.

This is the third time this year.   (I have started a rumour of them being in a secret stalker love affair in order to pass the time … no one believes me…)

To make matters worst, one of the people I supervise has visitors from far far away (not to be confused with near far away).  So with my stupid generous hat on, I told her while she could not be off at the same time as the others, I was willing to split the difference and she could work half days.  She gets in at 6:30 so she is out by 10:30 leaving me with a few things to do on top of everything else.


Did I mention it is month end …

I get the pain pleasure of reviewing all the invoices this month, because THERE IS NO ONE ELSE!?!

Today was Day 1 of 5, before someone returns, the other does not come back to work until Sept 12.  I was at work from 9 am – 7 pm.  I usually leave around 5:15 ish.

I STILL have work sitting on my desk that needs to be completed.  😦

Hopefully tomorrow will be an easier day.

Ever feel like you have bitten off more than you want to chew?


Comments on: "What was I thinking?" (2)

  1. Not always but I do feel like I am falling behind sometimes so I kinda get how you feel. You will pull through just don’t forget to take some time off for r&r.

    • I think I need to start eating my wheaties and upping my vitamin intake. 😉 Thankfully this week-end is a long week-end, so there will be extra time to sleep in and lounge around in my pajamas!

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