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Job interview recap

This morning I grudgingly got up.  Last night was not a good night for sleep.  This might be because I came home early yesterday and had a nap.  I am NOT a napper.  I always wake up grouchy and tired.  So it hurt to get up this morning.

I was on the fence on how to dress for an interview where the employees don’t dress up or wear a uniform.  This is my first experience with this since all of my previous jobs have been in an office.  So I picked out this patterned dress on the right. It is very flattering and hides my sins!!


I get to the interview 10 minutes early.  The guy who is supposed to be interviewing me was not there yet.  So I wait around in the store looking a various cards.  A few minutes after the time my interview was to start I was approached by a woman.  She said that she would be the one to interview me.  She takes me to the back, chatting all the way.

Once in the office she doesn’t tell me anything I don’t already know about the job.  She did tell me all about her life. 🙂  Knowledge I am not sure what to do with.  Did I really need to know that she kicked out her daughter when she was 16?  Or that she is the store’s oldest employee?

I give her my resume and references.  She told me that she would pass it on to another person not the guy I was originally supposed to interview with.  Apparently he is leaving the company so he has started to slack off a bit.

Anyhoo, I smiled, we chatted a bit some more and then I was out the door.  The ‘interview’ lasted less than 15 minutes.  I have no idea whether I will get the job or not.  The lady I spoke with did say she would put in a good word for me.

So we will wait and see.

I am still on the fence as to whether or not this is even a feasible possibility for me to work two jobs.  But it’s just 6 weeks …

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  1. I believe you did good and I think your dress selection was nice. I hope you get the job and I hope even more it works out for you and makes things better.

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