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Whoo hoo the wk-end’s here

This week felt long.  I find all 4 day work weeks like that.  Everyone is usually so happy to have Monday or Friday off … except me.  It always feels like I am trying to get 5 days worth of work into 4 days.  Not my favourite feeling at all.

Couple this with ‘mother’s guilt’ it made for a long week.  And what do I have to feel guilty about you ask?  My kids wear a uniform to school.  This is Diva’s first year at this school so we needed to get her the proper attire.

Remember this and this, when money was escaping from my bank account with little regard for my hopes and dreams??  Well it was sometime in that time frame that I went to get her some clothes.  Last year when I took Princess to get her uniform I was a novice and bought it all at once and cringed when I got to the cashier.  So this time I thought I would be smarter.

Since it was hot like Tahiti when we went to the store, I only bought shorts, skort and short sleeve shirts.  Tuesday morning was chilly.  And all my poor child had was warm weather clothes.  😦  And there is where the guilt came in.

Tuesday after work I took her back to the uniform store, the line up was snaking through the store.  Thanks, but no thanks.  So it is on the list of places to go today.

Have you ever been ridiculously happy to see Saturday?


Comments on: "Whoo hoo the wk-end’s here" (2)

  1. I usually just get ridiculously happy to see the weekend cause it means time off from work. Hope you got through with the uniforms.

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