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WSR for wk ending Sep 25

-$12.67 dinner
-$126.09 running shoes for the kidlets

-$12.42 lunch 

-$26.12 groceries

No Spend Day

-$21.64 lunch & dinner

-$30.71 dinner
-$108.59 groceries & stuff from Wal-Mart

No Spend Day

Total: -$338.24

2 no spend days, on track with this month’s goals.  😉

I need to stop spending so much $ on feeding myself and my kids.  I need to recommit to eating at home and bringing my lunch to work EVERY day.

*the above does not include my savings, housing or debt repayment.


Comments on: "WSR for wk ending Sep 25" (2)

  1. I can see why you say you need to start back eating at home and taking lunch with you but the spending itself isn’t that bad. I’ve seen worst.

    Based on rough calculations, minus the shoes and the groceries, you’ve spent less than $100 this week on eating out. That isn’t so bad at all so long as it isn’t every week and if that includes feeding you and the kids that is pretty awesome.

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