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2 deadly sins


I am struggling with these right now.

The list of things that I want is growing.  And it is not growing with inexpensive items either. 😦

This summer I visited my cousin’s home and both she and another cousin have an iPad.  Guess who wants one now?  More on that in a minute.

One of these same cousins had on a pretty watch.  Guess who wants one now??

Two of my really close girlfriends just bought brand new cars …

Another cousin just got a new smart phone …

Did I mention I have a couple of friends who is in the process of buying brand new houses?

The saddest part out of all of this is that some of these are things that I can afford but can’t really justify buying while still in debt.  They are definite WANTS.

Somewhere on the internet someone coined the term “debt fatigue“.  I think I am suffering from some form of it.  I am not tired of paying off my debt but if it were to go away tomorrow, the debt that is, I would not be upset. 🙂  I’m tired of not buying things because I am in debt.

I do not want to keep up with the Joneses.  I just want new stuff!!! LOL  Okay, that sounded wonky.

Case in point; last year I visited my Aunt and her hubby bought the iPad.  I was not impressed.  It seemed like an expensive toy for adults.  Fast forward one year, my cousins have it, now I am motivated.  I don’t need one.  I spend all day in front of a computer at work and all night in front of my laptop at home.  My commute is minimal and I don’t travel as much as I think is necessary to warrant another gadget.  I DON’T NEED IT.  I just want it.

Don’t get me started on the pretty watch.  I looked at my cousin’s wrist this summer but could not tell what the brand was.  I don’t know why but I didn’t feel like asking her what it was at the time.  I went home and was still obsessing about it so I asked her the brand.  Then google became my arch-enemy.  I looked up the brand.  I vaguely remember what the watch looks like and there are a couple that are similar.  These are 4 digit watches.  WT****!?!

Wait, the story gets worst.  In my feverishly delusional wanting state, I looked at where to buy such a fancy dancy piece.  I went on websites that carried the brand and noticed they had other pretty ridiculously expensive luxury timepieces, because when they cost this much they are no longer watches!!  I so need a hobby as I will sadly say I spent more time than I want to admit looking at various brands.  **hanging head in shame**

The story does not end there.  Yesterday I had to play taxi driver for my mother.  In doing so, it took me near one of the stores that sells these things …  You can see where this is going right?  I had time to kill and thought why not.  The brand my cousin wears was front and center when I walked in the store.  I tried on a few pieces but the one I was lusting after was not in the store.   While there I thought let’s see what else they have.  To her credit the saleslady did tell me there was a bit of a price difference.   I fell in love with a beyond crazy 5 digit priced watch.  It is beautiful.  It cost more than my frickin car!?!

Oh to dream.  It is only in writing this post that it is really starting to sink in how absolutely absurd it would be for me to own such a watch.  Did I mention it was pretty?


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  1. You are definitely NOT the only one that struggles with this… :/ It’s very hard sometimes!! Hubby just got a new 64Gb Ipad2, while my first Gen iPad 32Gb is SO FULL that I can’t even update an APP, even after deleting a bunch of stuff!! He’s telling me I need more room, and it would be SOOO easy to agree with him! But I need to resist, hard as it is. lol! 😛 Misery loves company right?! 😉

  2. I can completely relate to you and that wonky statement. I want new stuff too not because I want to keep up with anyone I just want something new to play with or wear.

    Watches are one of my biggest weaknesses as well and I know damn well I can’t afford one I would actually want so I don’t bother myself to even look. For now I just admire the ones I see people wearing and await the day when I can own one.

    Cell phones are something different. Almost everywhere I look everyone is changing their phones and now that we are finally getting 4g I am seriously considering a new one. For now I wait as well.

    Last thing is the ipad and I’m just like you. I just let it slide because it’s not something I want everyday, just off an on.

    The good days are ahead. We just have to wait 🙂

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  4. […] is amazing how in life we can justify stupid irrational decisions.  Last year I fell in love with a watch … until I saw the price.  Now I am lusting after another one whose only redeeming quality […]

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