Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

Last month I made the following goals:

  1. Get back on the exercise wagon FAIL, I didn’t even look for the wagon much less get back on it.
  2. Increase my no spend days to at least 2/week CHECK 🙂 It did require some planning but I did it.
  3. Read 4 books FAIL, I finished one book, the title I can not recall at this point in time. 😦
  4. Update my blog roll FAIL, although I did start something else, details to follow.
  5. Rip 1 box of cds to my external hard drive FAIL, if that had said 1/3 of a box it would have been a win.  It is long and tedious “work” ripping cds.
Apparently 5 goals is too much for me to do in a month as this is the … third(?) month I have failed to complete my goals.  I think last month I said I was going to do a mid-month check up to keep myself on track.  Right now, I can’t say for sure that I did that.  But if I did, it clearly did not work.  *Big sigh*
Maybe I should title this things I may not be doing next month!!! LOL
  1. Floss every night (I have started slacking in this department)
  2. Maintain 2 no spend days per week
  3. Finish ripping the remaining 2/3 of the box of cds
  4. Take the pile of clothes to donate to Goodwill
  5. Reduce the amount of times we eat out to twice a week if we are not on vacation

Comments on: "Monthly Goals – Oct edition" (3)

  1. We all have months like this, don’t be so hard on yourself! It’s a new month! 😉 Good luck!

  2. I agree with Carla – don’t be so hard on yourself. It seems like you completed part of your individual goals, so those are little steps forward. Reward yourself for what you did accomplish and keep taking little steps.

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