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Cell phone dilemma

Over the past two weeks my cell phone has taken to freezing up.  It rarely tells me when it decides to go on strike. 😦  I really like my phone and it saddens me to have to get rid of it.  I need a phone that will consistently work as my cell is my primary phone number. 

Currently I have a HTC Touch.  An ancient phone but it did all the things I need a phone to do; talk, text and has a calendar function which puts my next calendar entry on the home screen. 
HTC Touch
Isn’t it lovely?

The only problem I had with it is the lack of keyboard.  The virtual keyboard keys were tiny.  They are designed to be used with the stylus that came with the phone.  I don’t have data on the phone although it is possible to get a plan with it.  I was hoping it would last me until my Rogers contract is up in February 2012.


Saturday was a frustrating day as my phone was giving me more problems than usual.  It was telling me that the time to say good-bye was coming sooner than I would like.  I have been shopping around looking at different cell providers since we have a tonne of them now. 🙂 

I thought about just buying a phone out right so that I could get through the remainder of my current contract but the store I was in did not have anything that I would consider affordable.  I called a few friends and one was able to loan me an old Blackberry with roller scroller issues.  He scolded me for not having a data plan as a Blackberry without the ability to BBM or browsing was just a waste in his opinion. 

Maybe it’s just me, but I am not yet convinced I need to get my emails on my phone.  Plus I hear through the grapevine that once you get data you never go back. 

On my way to pick up the old BB, I called Rogers to see what they could do for me.  The gentleman in Customer Retention offered me a sweet deal.  That included everything I wanted, unlimited text messaging, unlimited incoming calls, 200 daytime minutes and my evenings begin at 6 pm.  Then he offered me data for an additional $20/month. 

Here’s where the trouble starts.  I am was  actually considering it.  I don’t need data.  It is very much a nice to have.  The phones that Rogers is offering me for free all have to have a data plan.  I was leaning towards a Blackberry (gotta support my Canadian companies) but I am not convinced I need to get the latest and greatest one.  I saw one in the store I was in for $250.  And now I think that might be the better way to go.  I can still get BBM but no unnecessary expensive monthly data plan. 

I used to be the kind of girl who would change cell phones every year.  There was always something newer, better, prettier.  Lately I find that new gadgets don’t hold the same allure they once did.  Hence my predicament now. 

I would love an Android phone but there are not many of them that come with a real keyboard.  The only one that appeals to me is the Sony Xperia Mini Pro.  I like the new Blackberry Bold and Torch, the idea of touch and a keyboard is very appealing, but the cost is too high.  I love my old Windows Mobile platform.  I like HTC brand phones, but Rogers only carries one and it doesn’t have a keyboard and would require that I take a data plan.  Then there is the new iPhone 4S … a total splurge.  It actually looks quite enticing.  When did life get so complicated?

I need to make a decision sooner rather than later.  Any thoughts? 


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  1. I’m running into a similar predicament but not quite the same. I honestly don’t know what to do with mine and I have no idea what to tell you for yours.

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