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Seeing red …

On Tuesday, I agreed to renew my contract with Rogers with the special plan that was offered on Saturday.  It included 200 daytime minutes, unlimited incoming calls, unlimited text messages to anywhere in the world, unlimited evening and week-ends starting at 6 pm.

This morning my phone rang and my caller display said unknown number.  I thought nothing of it until the library called.  Their number usually shows up.  So I tried calling my cell from my work phone.  Again unknown number.  Huh!?!

I called Rogers who informed me that since my new plan with value pack was not to start until the next billing cycle in November, my old value pack containing call display and voice mail was removed.  Say what!?! 

After some back and forth, Rogers decided to put my new plan into effect today.  Alright, call display is back!!  Only when I log into my Rogers account, there is a monthly charge for the unlimited incoming calls.  WTF!?!  Apparently the notes made in my account reference that it was offered but nothing about it being free.  **insert heavy long-winded sigh here**

The rep I was speaking to, told me they need the rep I signed up with to confirm that I was offered free incoming calls before they could remove the charge.  They would investigate and call me back.  That was 6 hours ago …

Comments on: "Seeing red …" (3)

  1. For as much as I like ROGERS, they frustrate me to no end as well!! I’ve had to call now & then about stuff like this too! Hope you get it all sorted out without having to make 100 more phone calls!! lol!

  2. […] breath and called Rogers.  Rogers and I have not had the best relationship as evident here and here.  The CSR tried a few options but they didn’t work.  Resigned to a day or 3 without […]

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