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Question for today

I am a bit confused and hope someone can shed some light on the subject.

From what I understand the Libyan people searched throughout their country to find their fallen dictator Muammar Gaddafi.  Upon finding him, he was beaten and eventually shot dead.  His body is now on display.

The UN wants an inquiry.

In May, the US went into Pakistan unannounced, shot and killed Osama bin Laden before “burying” his body at sea.

Why no inquiry then?

How is one different from the other?


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  1. This is a great question and one I would like to know the answer too.

  2. Work in Progress said:

    As I understand it, Osama was reaching for an AK-47–or at least, there was one in the vicinity. Gaddafi was clearly (CLEARLY!) unarmed and defenseless.

    However, if I am misunderstanding, my guess is that one was “us” and the other was “them,” if you catch my meaning. Same reason U.S. terrorism is never actually called “terrorism.”

    Also, the bloody pictures and video probably played a role. I’m sure if we saw Osama in the same situation, despite his obvious unpopularity, we would’ve been shocked and displeased.

    • I don’t recall Osama reaching for a weapon but then the “story” of his death changed a few times since it was announced that he was shot. I find it incredible interesting that the US was able to go in and out without so much as a peep from the international community. The only objections I recall were from Pakistan and that was only b/c they were being accused of knowing Osama was there and doing nothing about it. Well, that plus the US dropping by uninvited, but that’s a minor detail!!

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