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Have a laugh

At my expense, because I most certainly am laughing at me.

A while back I happened about upendilife.com.  The writing is great and the author engaging.  I spent more time than I care to admit now trying to figure out the blog name and what it meant.

Was it:

Up End I Life?

U Pend I Life?

Upend I Life?

U Pen Di Life?

Now the fact that the author calls himself Rafiki should have been a dead giveaway, but apparently not to me.  It wasn’t until this weekend when I was watching Lion King 2 that it occurred to me that site is Upendi Life …  after the song … in the movie … which Rafiki sings.  **duh**

I swear I am smarter than this in real life!!! LOL

Raf, stop laughing so hard.  🙂


Comments on: "Have a laugh" (10)

  1. Umm… I wondered too.., *blush* lol!

  2. Nope I wouldn’t have got it either…. Oh Well ‘Hakuna Matata’ 🙂

  3. I did laugh, actually I am still laughing but this post also brought a smile to my face and a joy in my heart. I really do love the lion king and seeing the video almost brings me to tares.

    I’ll take part of the blame for the name but I am accustomed to this. I have a difficult name in my real life so I am accustomed to people struggling with it.

    I’ll try to make it more clear some how but it really translates to love life. Which you have figured out.

    And I know you are smart. One of the brightest I know 🙂

    Thank you so much.

  4. haha I have wondered also!

  5. Wow all the times I saw that and never realized it..duh..big blush on my end. Sorry..lol


  6. Oh boy. Time to sheepishly hide my face! I wondered about Rafiki’s blog’s name as well, but I guess the answer was so simply that it escaped me.

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