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Weekend recap

I don’t know if I have said it enough I am not the girl you make plans with on a Friday night if you want the happy productive version of me to show up.  So when my friend from the States suggested that we meet up in Niagara Falls, NY Friday night I gave him the usual disclaimer.  He said “A tired Sunny is still a good Sunny in my books”.  Alright he was warned!!

I left later than I wanted to.  The plan was to get there, eat, then go to the casino on the American side.  It was a good plan, until the border agent informed me that the casino allows smoking inside. 😦  No thanks.  So to Plan B – Target!!

I love Target.  It is my favourite store to shop in while in the States.  Target is coming to Canada and I hope it will remain the same.  I was once a huge fan of Old Navy and The Children’s Place until they came to Canada and the quality deteriorated quite a bit in my books.

Target closed up with me still in the store.  I made the mistake decision to go down the grocery aisles.  The variety of food items that are not available in Canada is unreal.  I bought a lot of chocolate (for me) and snack foods for my kids.

The next morning was a late start.  My intention was to start my trip back home by noon.  But since I was sitting down to breakfast at 11:30am I figured that was impossible.

The trip home on Saturday was uneventful.  I stopped to pick up some roti at the wrong location of a restaurant I like to go to. 😦  Then went home and napped.  It was wonderful.

On Sunday I decided to get an oil change before driving out to Kingston.  So while my kids were in babysitting training class, I went to Canadian Tire.  The wait was over an hour.  More than I was willing to wait.  At Wal-Mart, the wait was 5 hours!?!  WTH!?!

I ended up at one of those 10 minutes or less express oil change places.  I was their first customer. 🙂 All was going well until they looked under my car and told me that they would not change my oil as I had a leak and they could not tell if it was the drain plug or the oil pan.  The guy didn’t want to risk removing the drain plug because if there was damage to the oil pan he would not be able to fix it.  He recommended I take it back to the last place that changed the oil.

So after I picked up my kids, back to Canadian Tire I went.  The lady I spoke with on the phone was apologetic and seemed determined to fix it.  The service manager gave me the old “wear and tear, regular use could be why the oil pan is damaged, not because of us”  speech.  I was not impressed.

It turns out that the drain plug they used the last time had a groove in the washer which is where the oil was leaking from.  Or at least that’s the story they told me.  2.5 hours later I left for Kingston.  Which is a 2+ hour drive.  Colour me not impressed.

I went to see my cousin who is in Kingston temporarily;  gave her the roti and a watch I was able to get replaced for her.  I literally drove to where she is staying, picked her up, went to dinner, then Wal-Mart and returned home.  It was a long day.

Fast forward to this morning.  I got an instant message from my friend in the States regarding the cost of breakfast.  We left the tip ($5 ) in cash on the table and he paid the rest ($23 something) on his credit card.  He even put a line through where the tip was to go.  Well this morning when checked his account a charge of $28 was there.  Huh!?!  A $10 tip!?!  The service was not even fantastic enough to deserve the $5 that was left.  I am shocked.  A similar thing happened to Krystal from Give Me Back My Five Bucks.  I thought it was a rarity.  I was wrong.

Needless to say, like Krystal, it is not my money so my hands are tied.  My friend says most likely he will not pursue it.  That is nuts to me. $5 on a $23 tab was more than generous.  $10 seems to be in the territory of “celebrity baller”, which neither one of us is.  I know it’s the principle and it’s just $5 but I would make a stink.  That’s the kind of gal I am.  I like writing letters.  Companies need to know both the good and the bad experiences I have had in their establishments.  Which gives me a great idea.  To their corporate website I go!!


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  1. You had quite an eventful weekend. Long to say the least and with some annoyances but I hope overall it was good.

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