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As previously mentioned I decided to take my newest underling out to lunch on Friday.


It was like pulling teeth to get her to leave the building.   And the nervous energy was through the roof.  At 11:15 am I suggested noon.  She countered with 12:30 pm.  Alright, done.

At 12:25 pm, we were still at the office.  (Source)

We made small talk until we got to the restaurant.

At the restaurant, we ordered and I broached the subject of the fact that she now reports to me.  Her response … and I quote “I think it was a mistake.”  Her plan is to go to my boss (her old boss) and let her know this.  BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!  I almost choked trying not to laugh out loud.  In her mind, my position and her position are on the same rung of the corporate ladder and managers don’t report to managers.


Then came the comment of “Well if I have to report to you, so should XXX (who also has the same job title as her).


My head hurts.

I am too old for this.  Why are some so afraid of change?  I don’t understand the thought process of if I have to do it then so should blah blah blah.  Really!?!  Life is not always fair.  When you are offered opportunities and don’t take them are you truly surprised when things change?

It was an interesting lunch.  Trying to get information out of her about her client was difficult.  I am trying to decide whether this is because she doesn’t know or didn’t want to share.

Back at the office, the owner of my company stopped me in the hall to pick my brain and offer his support.  He encouraged me to make mistakes. 🙂

I spent the rest of the afternoon conducting annual reviews.  All I have to say is some of us are content to be worker bees.  I am not one of those people.

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  1. Change is hard for some people, it is even harder in a situation like this where she feels you are no better than her and she shouldn’t have to report to you.

    I hope things have smoothed out since then.

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