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I am weak

After much debate, I broke down and bought a Kitchen Aid stand mixer.  I know you thought my confession would be a little more exciting than that.  What can I say I am a sucker for kitchen gadgets.


I have wanted one for a long long time, but held off as I couldn’t justify it and the price was prohibitive.  I first was exposed to one at my Aunt’s house.  I saw how easily it mixed the dough when we made bread.  I was sold.  According to my Aunt I should only get the professional model, which at the time was well over $600. 😦  That was 5+ years ago …  I told you I have wanted one for a long time.

Since then the price has dropped a great deal, but not enough to sway me.  Then in steps Costco and put the thing on sale. 😦

The internal debate began.

To help justify my purchase (among other reasons) I started baking bread.  I figure if I could do that consistently then it made sense to get the mixer.  LOL  Yes I am a sad case sometimes.  The lies reasons we tell ourselves sometimes. 😉

If it’s any consolation, it got used today.  🙂  Which is more than I can say for my food processor. 😦







Comments on: "I am weak" (7)

  1. Congratulations?! lol! I use mine SOO much!! Seriously, great investment!! Enjoy it!

  2. While you’re at it, get the Kitchenaid pasta roller. Haha.. so sorry for suggesting another expense. But making homemade pasta is so much fun.

  3. 5+ years is a long time. Personal finance usually advises using the 30 day rule. Wait for thirty days and if you still want it, buy it. You have long passed that so I can’t argue with your purchase. Plus you are using it so what can I say.


  4. […] I would just do it.  My list of wants/needs/more wants is VERY long.  And given that it took me 5+ years just to buy a mixer … anything pricier is going to take even […]

  5. […] I had this great idea.  The food processor should live in the kitchen.  Since I am short on cupboard space, I thought it could sit on the kitchen table with it’s cousin, the mixer. […]

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