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I can’t believe it

but I am going to have a High Schooler. 😦

Where has the time gone?

I spent last week visiting the various high schools close to me that might be of interest to Princess, my older daughter.  In the past 2 weeks, we went to 4 information nights.

School 1: The school I really want her to go to requires me to move as everyone is interested in going there so only students in the area can attend. 😦

School 2: The school that is closest to me is not my first, second or third choice BUT I was very impressed with the school principal.  She seems to be working hard to change the school.  I did like that the school has less than 1000 kids going there.  It was the ONLY school I visited with a small population.  Plus … this school is where my daughter should go as she is in the Extended French program … AND they do a trip to France every 2 years to “study” the language and give the kids exposure to the culture.  Sign me (not the kid) up!!

School 3: My daughter’s first choice is a school I thought was our home school.  But a quick look on the school board website and we are not in the area.  😦 😦  She will apply as an out of area student and we will hope that she gets chosen.

School 4: The school Princess is slated to go to was my first choice.  It’s a great school.  But it’s not about me.  She will get to go to this school because all our documentation still says my mother’s address which is in the area.

School 5: Our home school according to my current address is a NO … NEVER … NO WAY… NOT IN A THOUSAND YEARS option.  We didn’t even visit this school.  According to my kids, there is a make shift police station on site.  Ummm I’ll pass thanks.

Our plan is to apply to the 3 out of area schools and if she gets into any of them have the debate then as to how feasible it is for her to attend.  And if not, then she goes to my old high school.

It seems like just yesterday I was bringing her home for the first time.  Now she’s figuring out which high school to attend … just now it will be university.

My baby is growing up.


Comments on: "I can’t believe it" (2)

  1. Crazy isn’t it?! Who said our “babies” were allowed to grow up?! 😉

  2. Time really flies and you only notice it when you only really notice when you realize the children who were tiny tots are really growing up.

    A lot of my “baby” cousins aren’t babies any more and it is scary.

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