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Christmas Aftermath

Dinner was pretty good if I say so myself.

Big thanks to Carla & Nicki for their defrosting tips.

While I was able to get by with what I already own.  Having this dinner made me realize why people have all the things in their kitchen that they do.  I don’t own any platters, enough serving dishes, a roaster with a lid or a gravy boat.  While I am not yet running out to buy these things I have put them in the back of my mind should I ever decide to do this again.

Dinner was turkey, mashed potatoes, steamed asparagus, steamed Brussel sprouts, macaroni pie, stuffing & gravy.  It was delicious and I was stuffed after it all.  🙂

There are lots of leftovers.  I will eat like a king for days!!

On a different note, I managed to score the iTouch Diva has been lusting after for a very nicely reduced price.  🙂  I love Boxing Day sales!!


Comments on: "Christmas Aftermath" (4)

  1. Yay! So happy that your Christmas turkey turned out well! The items you need are easy enough to find used… I’d eep an eye out thought the year & see if you find any killer deals! 🙂 We have a crazy amount of leftovers here too… kids & hubby are happy! lol!

  2. So glad that it all worked out. I remember how scary it was making my first turkey. At the same time, I love to eat, so nothing could keep me from cooking. 😉

  3. Happy to read that Christmas turned out awesome.

    Happy Holidays and all the best for the new year.

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