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I find it incredibly interesting how many friends try to get me to give into my wants with the well used phrase “You deserve it” or my new favourite “You have to do/have it”.

I am the queen of justifying things, this is how I ended up in debt.  So if I really wanted to do/buy something I think I would just do it.  My list of wants/needs/more wants is VERY long.  And given that it took me 5+ years just to buy a mixer … anything pricier is going to take even longer.

Since moving into my condo 4.5 years ago I have put the following on my list of wants:

  1. a dishwasher which would turn into a kitchen remodel as my cabinets would have to change
  2. a breakfast bar or pass thru on one of the sides of my kitchen to let natural light in
  3. stackable washing machine & dryer to maximize storage space in my laundry room
  4. a couch
  5. a dining room set
  6. a bedroom set for myself
  7. main bathroom renovations

All of which I have been lusting after since almost day 1.  And while my friends are probably annoyed to listen to me ‘dream’ one more time about what I would like to do, I am having a hard time not dreaming out loud.

Yesterday I was encouraged to “look into” how much it would cost to reno my kitchen.  Because at least then I would have a number and can save towards it.

One of my biggest pet peeves with my kitchen is it gets no natural light.  It is in the middle of my apartment with walls on all sides.  My thoughts are to either out a pass through window between the kitchen and  the living room or put a breakfast bar/picture window between the kitchen and the dining room.  The former being the cheaper of the two options.  The thing with the opening up the space between the dining room and the kitchen is that I really like that idea better as I would then move my fridge and extend my countertop. 🙂  And while I was getting new countertops … I might as well put in a dishwasher.  😉  But all of that sounds expensive.

Since I have other priorities, going to Home Depot to figure out what this might cost is not really an option for me.   But a girl can still dream!! 😉

As for the couch, dining room set and the other things … everything I have right now works.  It may not be pretty but it is still functioning.  And when it comes to actually parting with my hard-earned dollars towards any of these things, my wallet refuses to open.  Which is good because while I am closer to a positive net worth, the amount of debt I have has gone up since January.  😦


Comments on: "Wants" (3)

  1. I think you are doing pretty awesome. I know first hand how hard it is to deny yourself things. Right now I am struggling not to buy a new smartphone(I mean really struggling).

    I think the advice to put a price on it is a pretty good one but I can also tell that would lead to even more lusting and if you are not careful and very disciplined you could end up in more trouble so maybe it is safe to just dream.

    Even if your debt has grown higher, I still think you have been making a commendable effort and I think that is awesome, especially if you have been denying yourself these dreams for so long.

    In time everything will fall into place. So long as for now you are happy and comfortable.

    • I hope everything will fall into place. I have so many things that I want to do/buy. As for your smartphone lust, I completely understand. I am just learning what my Bold can do and I am amazed. Do you not have any family abroad that could get you a phone?

  2. Oh there will always be friends willing to enable you, that’s for sure! But in the end, it’s YOUR budget, and YOUR bottom line. Unless of course they’re going to help you fit the bill?! 😉

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