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Another Challenge

Since I am having so much fun on Carla’s No(Low) Spending Challenge I decided to do one more.

Confession time:

I am a product junkie.  I have an obscene amount of shampoos, conditioners, body washes, lotions and potions.  A lot of them are at least half full (vs half empty)!! 😉  I am was always game to try something new.  Then I started to read up on toxins and various additives that one should not put on your body.  I looked at the ingredients on products I already owned and abandoned a lot of items as I was trying to take Sodium Laureth Sulfate, paraben, petroleum jelly and mineral oil out of my life.

This has left me with products I will not use again and instead of throwing them out, I just put them under the bathroom sink.

This brings me to Katy’s The “Use it Up, Wear it Out Make it Do or Do Without” Challenge.

I am going to find homes for all my partially used containers.  I am sure I must have at least 2 friends or family members who are willing to accept some if not all of it.

By the end of this week month I want to be rid of all the toiletries I will never use again.


Comments on: "Another Challenge" (3)

  1. That’s a great challenge for yourself! The girls & I use organic shampoo… Hubby & ds don’t though. Maybe one day… at least we’re doing what we can!

  2. […] for my ‘other‘ challenge … I managed to get rid of some of the offending products but not all.  😦 […]

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