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So it’s Day 6 of 31 of the No(Low) Spending Challenge and the fridge is empty.  I need to re-stock.

Given that I am using only cash this month I decide to go to No Frills which is a grocery store which will allow me to use PC points to pay for my groceries.  I have enough points to get $120 worth of items.

I pulled out my list and walked almost every aisle and picked up what I needed and a bit more.

$95.24 later, I hand over my credit card to take the points off and before I could object the cashier had rung my balance of $5.24 onto my card. 😦  Dang you, pay pass!!!  She seemed puzzled by the look on my face.  It was similar to this.


To rectify the situation, I came home and immediately put $10.00 on my credit card to compensate.  To add to the situation, I had to get change to get a cart and turned a $5 bill into 2 toonies and 4 quarters, so all of that is going into my change pile.

In the spirit of not spending money I took an empty coffee can from work to store my change pile. 🙂

Surely those 3 actions should make it all better.



Comments on: "Is this considered cheating?" (3)

  1. That pic is hilarious. But on a serious note, nah not cheating at all. It was a stuff up by the cashier, not anything you did.

  2. […] the exception of the grocery hiccup, I have not used credit this week!!!  I did write a cheque to my dentist as I didn’t realize […]

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