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Yesterday my children FAILED.  I asked them to tidy up the kitchen when they got home and it fell on deaf ears. 😦  I found them in their favourite spots on the couch.  Of course when the steam was coming out of my ears they were ready to ‘help out’.


I told them to try again.  So we shall see what this afternoon brings.


On the financial side of life, I am not a fan of the beginning of the year.  I am not sure what the Federal and Provincial Governments are smoking doing every year but I don’t understand why my pay cheques are $100+ less than I expect them to be at the beginning of the year and $200+ more towards the end of the year.  Can they not figure out how to make it consistent?  Do they not expect me to be working at the end of the year???

Sadly, I based my budget on a taxation calculation I found on their website and rounded down to the nearest hundred and I am still short.  ARGHHHH. *shaking fist*


Old age came to visit me this morning.  And left behind one aching shoulder.  I have a sharp pain in my left shoulder that hurts when I breathe deeply or raise my arm.  So this made washing my arm pits especially fun this morning.  TMI?


Speaking of TMI … I don’t know about you but I work with some very ‘special’ folks.  And yesterday one of these ‘special’ people told me that she had to throw out a box cutter.  Okay by me, what do I care.  I figured that you must have a good reason to do so and was willing to leave it at that.


My co-worker decided to share with me why she had to throw out company equipment.  And since I had to hear the tale I am sharing it with you.

Turns out my co-worker went to the bathroom and after she was finished doing #1 the box cutter fell in the toilet.  She fished it out with her bare hands, THEN put it in toilet paper and threw it in the garbage. And washed her hands 3 times.

Now I ask you:

  1. Why did I need to hear that story?  And trust me when I tell you I am not alone is the knowledge of her bathroom excitement.  She shared this adventure with many other people in the office.
  2. If this happened to you, would you tell anyone?

Comments on: "Irritations" (4)

  1. I feel your pain… 😉 I hope next week is better for you!! ((hugs))

    PS – Some people have no shame… lol!

  2. LOL. That’s ridiculous. People sometimes just love to hear themselves talk.

    I’ve actually never noticed that with my paycheques, but maybe I just don’t have them consistent enough to notice a difference.

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