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The week-end

The week-end was fantastic.  I am now recovered!

Saturday I attended a birthday party for one of my Aunts from my Dad’s side.  For a party without liquor and dancing it was pretty good!! She was happy and seemed to enjoy herself.  Her sister and brother came from the States to celebrate.  It was a great mini family reunion.

Sunday I along with most of my relatives who went to the party went ice skating.  It was cold.  I did not skate.  Instead I let my kids try it out.  I have never skated in my adult life and figured trying to get use to skating with my kids who are also shaky would be a recipe for disaster.  After that we all went to my Dad’s for food and football.

It was a great week-end.

And it didn’t cost too much!

Spending report to come tomorrow.



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  2. […] at least $500, but hopefully closer to $1000.  Right now it sits at a measly $194.45.  During my family filled week-end, my Dad asked me if I (along with my girls) wanted to come along with him, my step-mom & […]

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