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N(L)S Challenge – Wk 3

Sorry for the delay.  But the week-end was awesome!!

Week 3 of the No (Low) Spend Challenge is done!!  Only 1 more week to go.

Jan 15
No Spend Day 🙂

Jan 16
$100 deposit on Princess’ class trip

Jan 17
$3 reed for Diva’s clarinet
$113.41 groceries

Jan 18
No Spend Day 🙂

Jan 19
$73.08 Costco groceries

Jan 20
$20 Diva’s volleyball shirt

Jan 21
$16.88 tights & pantyhose
$75.68 dresses for my kids & Aunt’s present

Grand Total: $402.05
2 No Spend Days!!
Coffee Tin Change Pile: $17.07 + $20.93 (debit usage) + ???

Another week without using my credit card!!

This week was alright.  I was hoping for a less expensive week but after careful perusal of my kids’ closets I realized they had nothing that would be appropriate for a ‘semi-formal’ party.  And if it wasn’t winter … we would not need tights & pantyhose. 😦



Comments on: "N(L)S Challenge – Wk 3" (2)

  1. I tell ya, kids will get you every time!! 😉 lol! You got in a few no-spends though! That’s great!! 🙂

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