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Low (No) Spending Recap

Feb 1
$29.37 groceries

Feb 2
$4.73 Dinner out (thumbs up to Costco!!)
$49.30 groceries

Feb 3
No Spend Day 🙂

Feb 4
18.33 groceries

Grand Total: $101.73 (all going into my belly!!)
1 No Spend Day 🙂

4 days in and I have spent more than $100 on food.  I am going to slow that down lots in the coming week.  Last week was beyond busy at work.  In fact I stayed very late on Tuesday and went in to work yesterday to get caught up.  I convinced the kids to help out on this little project that we have on the go in exchange for a meal out (paid for by my company).  So we worked for 3.5 hours and then went to Lick’s, a hamburger chain in Ontario.

This brings me to Sunday or the day I will call “Super Productive Sunday”.

This week’s decluttering challenge was the chair in my bedroom.  But then I saw the great progress that Carla and Cassie did and I was inspired.

To start, the chair.  Instead of being a quiet place to read and relax, it became a place to throw rest my clothes.


















Now that it’s free and clear, I wonder if it will become what I intended it to be or whether I should let someone else have the joy of this futon/chair.

I then tackled my closet which needed some attention.  I would like to preface this by saying that it doesn’t always look like this.  Last week-end I started doing laundry.  And well I only did one load.  Instead of putting the clothes back into the laundry baskets I left them on the floor with the intention of doing the loads in the week.  Clearly that did not work.






















I did 4 loads of my laundry, put away things that had been out for much longer than intended.  I got rid of 3 articles of clothing I know I will never wear again.  I have a lot more purging to do.

Lastly I dealt with my bathroom sink.  It is so easy to just leave things out that you use often enough.  But then you turn around two times and it looks like this.


















I love it when it looks like this.  If only I could maintain it.

In addition to cleaning up those areas, I made a big pot of chicken noodle soup, washed all our sheets, blow dried Princess’ hair and gave her a trim that turned into a cut, set Diva’s hair on rollers and vacuumed and dusted my entire room.

It has been a great day.  It’s 9:30 pm and I am ready to turn in!! 🙂

Oh, before I forget … guess who’s no longer a food processor virgin!?! 😉 It is truly a fantastic machine.  I will be looking for more ways to use it.


Comments on: "Low (No) Spending & Decluttering Challenge, wk 1" (9)

  1. I already spent way too much on groceries this week. Went shopping tonight and spent $110!

  2. Oh wow!! What a difference!! It looks fabulous! You did awesome with your spending too… We all need to eat! Haha!!

  3. You did fantastic! I’m especially impressed by your bathroom. I know mine needs work, so I think I’m going to remember yours as inspiration 🙂

  4. you really did do a great job in such a short amount of time, I am impressed.

    Well done,


  5. […] up a scarf I started crocheting … a very long time ago. I found it 2 weeks ago when I was cleaning out the chair in my room.  It had been so long that since I last crocheted I had to look up how to start a new row. I will […]

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