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A win for the budget

I can’t recall but I think I have mentioned that over the Christmas holidays every one in my household got an iTouch.  Well being the cool mommy I was, I hooked my kids up to our wireless internet.  What’s the point of having a fancy internet gadget without the internet, right??

Well …

I was happily in ignorance until mid-billing cycle last month when Princess casually mentioned that she had seen the “you have used 100% of your monthly internet” message pop up on her computer.

Huh?  Say what?

We have 15 GB and usually only use 6 or 7.

Of course she tells me this as we are in the car on the way somewhere.  So when we returned home that night I logged into my Rogers account and sure enough we were over our allotted 15 GBs by … wait for it … 2.5 GBs!?!

What.The.French fry!?!

Did I mention that we were only mid-cycle???

Not impressed.

It seems that those lovely iTouch are bandwidth suckers.  Now I had heard this about the iPhone but never really thought about the iTouch.  It doesn’t help that my kids will sit in front of their computer, log on to the internet and then play on both their iTouch and the computer.

So that night the internet was removed from each of their iTouchs and I turned the wi-fi off on mine.

The next day, I called Rogers to see if there was anything I could do.  They were able to move me up a tier to get 60 GBs for the month for an additional $11.  Since they were charging $4 for every GB over the 15GB that I signed up for I figured this would do for the month.  This was a good decision since we used 21 GBs last month.

Fast forward to yesterday.  The billing cycle is over, I want to downgrade, so I call back Rogers to do so.  I was informed by the Customer Service Rep the change would take place in March as they could not make any changes to the current cycle. Had I called them 3 days before the changes could have been in effect for this month.

I’m not sure why I can go up a tier and give Rogers more money mid-month, but 2 days into my new billing cycle I can’t sign up to give them less??

I mentioned to the fellow on the line that it was more than I needed and more than I wanted to spend.  He put on his helpful customer service hat (which was surprising to me) and went to see what he could do.  Well I clearly caught the right person on the right day as he was able to offer me a 20% discount for not just this month but for the next year.  So even when I go back to my regular plan I will be getting an additional discount.  He also looked at all the other products I have with Rogers to see if he could do anything with them.  But unfortunately I am getting all the possible discounts on those.

Score one for the budget!!!


Comments on: "A win for the budget" (6)

  1. Wow that’s great!

  2. That would have freaked me out!!!!

  3. I need to get ahold of YOUR customer service guy!

    I tagged you in a recent post: http://diggingoutandup.wordpress.com/2012/02/09/i-was-never-good-at-tag/

  4. That’s great! You can’t get what you don’t ask for. You got it, and then some. ^5!

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