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Low (No) Spending Recap

Feb 5
No Spend Day 🙂

Feb 6
$148.63 groceries

Feb 7
No Spend Day 🙂

Feb 8
No Spend Day 🙂

Feb 9
$51 gas
$12 Dinner out

Feb 10
No Spend Day 🙂

Feb 11
$16.87 groceries
$29.65 Hair stuff

Grand Total:  $258.15
4 No Spend Days 🙂 

I know I said I was going to stay out of the grocery store, but yesterday we needed milk.  I buy pricey organic milk which accounts for more than half of the bill. 😦 The rest of it is cold cuts, ice cream (hush it was on sale :)).  I broke a comb and brush while combing Princess’ hair last week-end so I replaced those.  That child has a thick head of curly hair that has broken a few combs!

Decluttering recap

This week-end, I addressed the bookshelf and a table that sits in my hallway that was out of control.

First the bookshelf.  It was filled with books I had ever intention of reading.  In fact I even moved with them … almost 5 years ago.  On top of that it, like the chair, became a catch-all for things that had no home as evidence by the before picture.











Presto change-o!!!











I removed over 50 books.  I came to terms with reality.  I am not going to read any of them. 😦  Luckily for me, they were books I acquired for free so I don’t feel too guilty about donating them.

On to the hall table.  Another example of clutter gone wild.











I keep library books and things that don’t belong in my place on this table.











Everything back in its proper place. 🙂  Well with the except of the swiffer duster, but you can pretend you don’t see it! 🙂

That’s about all I did this week-end.  I took it easy this week-end.



Comments on: "Low (No) Spending & Decluttering Challenge, wk 2" (6)

  1. Wow!! That looks amazing! 🙂 Awesome job!!

  2. You did good on the spending.

    On the decluttering…. presto change-o indeed. Only magic could have done that. I could see myself procrastinating on that for a very long time.

    Awesome job.

  3. Wow looks good!

    • Thanks. Looking at my bookshelf I feel like there is still too much on it. But I pared down as much as I am willing to do at this time. If in a couple years it looks the same, I will address it then.

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