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Low (No) Spending Recap

Feb 12
No Spend Day 🙂

Feb 13
No Spend Day 🙂

Feb 14
$4.28 groceries

Feb 15
No Spend Day 🙂

Feb 16
$97.77 groceries

Feb 17
No Spend Day 🙂

Feb 18
$81.38 Wal-mart
+$80.77 Refund
$22.59 Track pants for Diva

Grand Total: $206.02 – $80.77 = $125.25
4  No Spend Days 🙂

Decluttering Recap

I had this great idea.  The food processor should live in the kitchen.  Since I am short on cupboard space, I thought it could sit on the kitchen table with it’s cousin, the mixer.

There was a small problem, can you see what it was?

Now the cousins can hang together.

On an unrelated note, inspired by this Mutant Supermodel post, I picked up a scarf I started crocheting … a very long time ago. I found it 2 weeks ago when I was cleaning out the chair in my room.  It had been so long that since I last crocheted I had to look up how to start a new row. 😦 I will post pictures when I am finished.



Comments on: "Low (No) Spending & Decluttering Challenge, wk 3" (5)

  1. Good job on the no spends!

  2. Hey that’s awesome about the scarf! What a nice reward that will be for you.

  3. Nice going with the decluttering and I hope you enjoy your renewed hobby. Looking forward to the pictures.

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