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I Want it Wednesday

There’s a saying that I grew up hearing often that loosely translates to “those who want it, can’t get it and those who get it, don’t want it.”  

What this has to do with anything I have no idea, but it prompted me to start looking at my own wants.  

The list is long.  So I figure every Wednesday for the foreseeable future I would feature one of my wants. 😉

First up on the list:


My teeth are not extremely crooked.  In fact if I didn’t point it out there is a chance you might not notice.  The kinda look like these teeth.


The issue is that I had braces as a child to straighten out my teeth and as the years passed my teeth have been shifting.  While it’s not bad now there is the possibility that it could get much worst.  One of my Uncles had to put on braces in his fifties because his teeth were starting to lean over is how he described it.

On an ordinary day, I would not contemplate getting braces as I do not have orthodontic coverage through my benefits AND both my girls have braces and they are not cheap.  BUT my teeth are bothering me my dentist and he has graciously offered to fix them for a discounted fee.

I can hear you asking “How much, how much, how much??”.  

The treatment plan my dentist is recommending is:

  • brackets on my upper teeth only
  • for approximately 9 months 
  • for the cost of $700
  • paid in monthly installments of my choosing 
  • interest free

This includes the cost of the brackets and the monthly adjustments.  After the braces are removed, I might need to purchase a retainer which would cost an additional $350.

I recognize that at this moment, this is completely a want.  But my thoughts are that this has been on my mind just not in the forefront.  I think I am getting a good deal, considering just the monthly visit to get the braces adjusted is $150 EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.  I fear that if I wait, my dentist will retire and I will have to go somewhere else and it will cost a lot more.

The money to pay for it would come out of my allowance, so my debt repayment and savings contributions would not be affected.

So my $5 question to you is, should I do it?


Comments on: "I Want it Wednesday" (11)

  1. I think you should. Teeth are really important even though people tend to take them for granted. If it was just a cosmetic want I would tell you not to get it but this is for the health of your teeth so I think you should go ahead and get it if you can afford it. You seem to have gotten an awesome deal as well so don’t let it pass by.

    Since I want to join on the want it bandwagon, I will try and post something I want as well.

    First on my list would be an HD television.

    • To be perfectly honest there is a bit of vanity in there. Alright maybe more than “a bit”. Thing is I can feel my teeth moving.
      I have a HD TV. You will get a new respect for makeup, ALL imperfections are large and center with high def.

  2. Get them! I just paid over 5000.00 for my tweens. Now, the first thing I would ask is if those braces and price include a retainer that would ensure that your teeth don’t move again! Go for it! But make sure it is the last time!

  3. It seems like my list of “wants” grows daily as well but I am trying really hard to refrain from impulse buying. However, in your case I would definitely say to go for it. Like you said, in the case that your dentist retires you would likely never find this good of a deal again.

  4. My boyfriend just started with that too at an age of 37…. He will have to wear braces for 2 years and the total cost will be US$ 9000 !!! I think you should do it but make sure they fix everything so you don’t have to go through wearing braces again 🙂

  5. I had braces for years and thanks to FOUR impacted wisdom teeth that popped up when I was 21… everything started shifting. The top still looks pretty decent but the bottom is completely misaligned, thankfully you don’t see my bottom teeth when I smile so it’s not noticable. That price is an ABSOLUTE steal, I would do it if I were in your shoes. To me, my teeth are very important and I’m contemplating getting braces again before I’m 30.

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