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Feb recap & March goals

Spending for the last days of the month.

Feb 26
$12.37 taxes

Feb 28
$16 lunch with co-worker
$88.60 groceries

Feb 29
$12 gas

Grand Total: $128.97

I tried to not grocery shop until March but my fridge looked like this on Tuesday.

Other than onions & old-ish grapes there was no fresh produce in my home.  The kids were out of their milk.  A sliver of cheese was left. Food was a killer for me this month.  I went over the food budget for by more than 45%.  And that’s not including the $60 of groceries I got free using PC points. 😦

In light of that I did not make my goal of $500 in my vacation account. 😦  I am $95.06 short.  I can make that up next pay cheque.  But it’s still disappointing.  I’m going to blame the children. 😉  I think that they are going through a growth spurt.  The food just seemed to disappear.

Other than food, all my other expenses were under or on point. 🙂  I had 12 No Spend Days this month.  One more than January.  The places Carla made inspired me to de-clutter are still looking good.

So now I need to figure out what to do with March.

  1. First things first, I must come to terms with my debit habit.  With it my sealed pot does not get as much action as it should.  So this month I am going to round-up to the nearest $5 all my debit purchases and transfer the difference to my savings.
  2. I will continue on my “no credit card spending” path.
  3. Meal planning for dummies sounds like it’s just up my alley!!  Planning meals for the entire month will be an interesting challenge.  Especially since it is one of my “good” intentions.  I even bought a white board calendar last year so I could be more accountable.  No such luck. 😦
  4. Stick to my budget (gotta put this one on there ;))
  5. Finish my dreaded challenge from last month.  I will get those CDs out of my house.  Before picture to come so maybe that will shame me into action!

I think that’s it for now.  Given that I will be on vacation for 10 days this month I don’t think I should try to make this month too complicated.

What is on your ‘to do’ list for March?


Comments on: "Feb recap & March goals" (5)

  1. I really need to limit my March spending, or I will feel horrible for spending money while on vacation.

  2. I am having a quiet March also and posted my goals as well today,


  3. Side note. Your fridge is super clean and tidy even if it was empty at the time of taking the pic.

    Being just past the kid stage, looking back, and even now, I will honestly tell you. There will never be enough food.

    I posted my own goals a couple days ago, one day before you. Yesterday brought a major upset though since I just got accepted to do an undergrad degree. My major goals now will be sticking to budget and saving as much as possible.

  4. […] I wrote that lunch with my co-worker was $16 and it was.  But since I didn’t have any cash on my that day she spotted me.  When […]

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