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WSR – wk ending Mar 3

Feb 26
$12.37 taxes (this was to file them)

Feb 28
$14 lunch with co-worker
$88.60 groceries

Feb 29
$12 gas

Mar 1
$48.53 groceries
$1.47 round up savings

Mar 2
$4 nachos
$19.51 prescriptions
$66.50 gas (the most I have EVER spend at once)
$57.48 groceries
$3.01 round up savings

Mar 3
$39.79 grooming

Grand Total:  $369.26

Wow, that’s a bit much.  

Previously I wrote that lunch with my co-worker was $16 and it was.  But since I didn’t have any cash on my that day she spotted me.  When I paid her back with a twenty she handed me $6, and was going to give me more as she was not counting tax or tip.  I could not get her to take back the extra $2. 😦 Yes, I know my life is hard. lol

On the Wednesday I cheaped out and bought a little bit of gas as my intention was to fill my tank at Costco.  I was at Costco Thursday AND Friday and passed by it on Saturday.  At no point during any of these three days was the lineup at the pump even remotely small.  So I bought gas at the local Shell on Friday.  52 litres worth.  My tank only holds 55 litres.  I was being foolish.  In an effort to save $2+ I risked being stranded at the side of the road. *shaking head* I will not do that again.

On a different note, ONLY 4 more sleeps.  I am extremely excited to go away.  Even more so that I will get to see my family in MD at the end of the trip.  I love visiting family, especially those ones.  I wish we lived closer.



Comments on: "WSR – wk ending Mar 3" (2)

  1. I didn’t even realise the date was so close. I hope you have an awesome vacation. Pretty cool you have a shell even if it is the more expensive choice. We have a shell too. If I was your co worker I wasn’t going to allow to pay back the extra $2 either. I probably wouldn’t have bothered if you paid me back at all honestly. Some things I let slide.

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