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This is officially the second longest travel day of my life.  The first being my return from MD in August with the burnt out back lights.

We left at 4 pm.  2 hours later that we were supposed to.  We encountered traffic.  To make matters worst, we stopped for dinner at McDonald’s IN CANADA at 6 pm.  Now to put this in perspective, I have been known to leave my house and be at the border in 75 mins.  Yes I have a bit of a lead foot but from where I live the drive is supposed to take about 1.5 hrs.

Over an hour later we got back on the road.

The line up at the border was not that bad.

We made 2 other stops, one for a potty break, the other for gas.

Why we didn’t gas up at the same time you ask?  True be told, it was because I was not driving.  My Dad thought we had enough to make it to our night’s destination.  We didn’t.  The gas light came on.  We got off the highway to find the gas station there was closed. We then passed 2 open gas stations in the middle of nowhere before we finally stopped for gas.  More than 30 miles had passed.  My Step-Mom was panicking.

A trip that should have taken 5 hrs 45 mins ended up taking 8.5 hrs.

I don’t know where we lost all the time but we did.

I am tired and as if it couldn’t get any worst, I packed the wrong charger for my cell phone and it is dying. 😦  This wouldn’t be so bad except that one of my co-workers is going to text me some information tomorrow morning that I may need to act on.  Oh well, the world will not end.

Tomorrow we have an even longer drive, almost 10 hours.

Pray for me.


Comments on: "Traveler’s log – Day 1" (5)

  1. where are you guys heading for?


  2. That is a long travel! Enjoy your vacation!

  3. Now catching up with these travel logs. I’m starting at the beginning.

    That’s a long time to travel, the longest time I’ve ever traveled was 8 hours by plane. I wonder how that would feel in a car.

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