Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

I love hindsight.  It is a wonderful teacher.  Unfortunately it does not help me right now.

My Dad has now decided he will never again make this drive.  If we are ever going to Myrtle Beach again we will fly.  Can I tell you that I said a silent “Thank you Jesus”.

Today’s drive was supposed to be 9 hrs and 45 mins.  It was 12 hrs.  It was bordering on 13 hours, but then me & my lead foot got in the driver’s seat!!

It was still too long to spend getting somewhere.  In the past I have said if it takes longer than 10 hrs to drive to a destination, I will fly.  I stand by that line of thinking.

The timeshare that we are staying at seems small compared to other places we have been.  It will have to do.  It is a high-rise building.  We were told we were “upgraded” but it doesn’t seem so to us.

Tomorrow we have to get some groceries and I hope that is it on the agenda.  I need some relax time.

My Dad saved me some unknown sum of money as I was ready to go out and buy a charger for my cell phone.  His works just as well and it is unlikely that he will need it for the remainder of the trip. 🙂

I think that is all for today.  I am still exhausted and hope to be able to sleep in tomorrow and go to bed at a decent hour tomorrow night.



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