Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

My Dad’s 8 AM turned into 10 AM.  He didn’t think we would have liked it if he really woke us up at 10.

We did not end up leaving the unit until after noon.  So much for that plan.  When it will really hurt us is Friday as we have to be packed up and out of this unit by 10 AM.


Only in America can you have this.

On the left side of the street.

On the right side of the street.

We went to an outlet mall today.  It was after 1:30 PM by the time we got there as we took a couple of wrong turns that took us down highways surrounded by nothing but grass and trees.

The plan was my Dad & brother would go find Best Buy and return to pick us up around 4 pm.

At minutes to 4 we had barely gone up the one side. 😦  My sister is a shopper.  And she likes pretty things.  Only difference is she has my Dad bankrolling her lifestyle!!! She is taking modelling classes and needed 2 pairs of high-heeled pumps, black & nude.

Check them out.

When my Dad & brother found us, it was just after 4.  We spent another 2 hours at the outlet mall while my Dad & bro went shopping. 😦

My belly was talking to me by that time.

We had dinner at a burger joint named Steak & Shake.

After dinner we found this place that had a boardwalk/pier/bridge and started on a walk.

First wildlife we encountered.

There were signs along the way.

I’m not sure how well you can see the following pictures as I took them with my cell phone as my camera had died. In the water were turtles, little fish and big fish.  We bought food that was in a dispenser to feed the animals.  The little fish were the hungriest and stole the food from the bigger fish and the turtles.  It was crazy to watch.


We would have stayed and fed them more but the temperature had dropped and it was time to be indoors!


Comments on: "Traveler’s log – Day 6" (3)

  1. it’ll be interesting to see if your sister can make the effort to get going when you leave. How old is she?


  2. Another awesome day it seems. I love turtles.

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