Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

Yesterday’s wake up call was at 10 again.

After breakfast, everyone picked up an electronic gadget and that was that.

Eventually we wound up at the beach. We took a short walk along the beach.


It would have been a long walk except Princess was on a seashell finding mission. There were lots of colourful shells.


She had a whole collection of them which I think were left by the poolside. I don’t want to ask just in case they were. We also saw what I can only assume is a dead jellyfish.


After the walk on the beach we went to the infinity pool so the kids could swim. I can hear my Dad saying in his head “These Canadian children … a perfectly good ocean available to swim in and they choose the pool”. Mind you the water in the ocean was refreshingly cold.

The kids were in the pool for a good long while. Only when hunger called were they willing to get out.

Lunch was had around 5 PM. This vacation is so off-schedule. Monday morning is going to be ugly.

After lunch we all got back on our electronics until the promise of a trip to Target got our attention.

I went to Target!

I went to Target!

Yes I know I’m a 5-year-old child!

At Target I restrained myself and only picked up a few things. I did manage to find a microplane zester/grater for $1.03, considering I was looking at one on sale for $4.99 I thought that was a great deal!

On the way home from Target, it was decided that we should stop for pizza.

Dinner was had after 10. My body is not liking me very much.

When I tried to log on last night, the internet was not working.  So there were 3 young ladies (not including myself ;)) who were not happy.



Comments on: "Traveler’s log – Day 7" (3)

  1. The beach looks really different from my own. I can totally understand how your dad felt about the pool vs. the beach.

    You really love target lol. I think if I ever walked into a store like that after having to deal with my local prices I might faint out of share joy.

    • Your local prices are highway robbery. When I was last there my cousin was begging me to bring her fruits & veggies.

      • In some ways they actually are. In a way it works out to a balance but unless you really try and know the differences in our countries, we would always feel like we are getting rob compared to you.

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