Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

We got a wake up call at 8 AM this morning.  Too bad no one moved!!

It was another lazy day.  We didn’t leave the unit until after noon.  To go to another pool in the complex.  A couple of hours were spent horsing around in the pool.

We came back had a late lunch and relaxed some more.  It’s a hard life but someone has to do it!!!

In the late afternoon, we went back to the Outlet mall so my Dad could exchange some sandals he purchased.  We spent over 1 hour there.  Princess and Diva picked up some gifts for their friends.

We went back to the burger place for dinner, then a stop at a souvenir shop, of which there are plenty.

Then we came home to pack up as tomorrow is going to be very early for us.

Strangest thing, earlier this week I bought the Whitney Houston’s greatest hits CD, so we could have something to listen to on the drive back.  I can not find it anywhere.  Most annoying.  I’m pretty sure I brought it to the unit but it is nowhere to be found. 😦



Comments on: "Traveler’s log – Day 8" (1)

  1. Hope you find that CD. Lazy days are what vacations are all about.

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