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Money vs Time

Gas is going up by 4 cents tonight.  4 people have sent me text messages to let me know.

I had a 1/4 tank of gas when I left work and thought I should put some gas in my car before it gets too low.  The line ups were insane at the 2 gas stations I passed so I gave up.

As much as I would say I like to save money, I like to save time even more.

My tank holds 55 litres when bone dry (which is never).  So the most I would be saving is $2.20.  Hardly seems like it’s worth sitting at the gas station for 10+ minutes.

I used to buy gas at Costco.  When their gas station first opened it was on average 6.6 cents cheaper than most gas stations.  Over time the difference between Costco and the other gas stations dropped to 4.4 cents per litre and the line ups grew.

I like saving money. I know that over time $2 here and $2 there add up.  BUT man to sit in a line idling for 20+ minutes, while burning gas, to buy cheaper gas seems counter intuitive to me.

I don’t drive enough to justify spending the time lining up to buy gas.  Lately I have been going almost 3 weeks between fill ups.

What do you do, spend the money or spend the time?

Comments on: "Money vs Time" (4)

  1. Oh, i’m with you!! I’d rather spend the $2.20 then wait in line for 10-15 minutes. lol! Time is money! 😉

  2. I spend the money. Monday morning when I topped up, I got home just in time to hear the news say that gas went up by 11 cents per liter. At first I was like crap, but when I worked it out, it only turned out to be like a 3 dollar difference so I didn’t see the point of sweating it.

    I could never see the reason for people lining up idling for gas, they are a couple gas stations here in Barbados where I see loads of people. It just doesn’t make sense to me. It’s not like we have to drive that far to get to another gas station.

    Too each their own I guess but I honestly won’t be letting gas prices bother me. Yes 2 and 3 dollars over time adds up, but I’m with you, it just isn’t worth it for me. That’s 10 or 20 mins I could use for something useful, and even if I didn’t use it for something more useful, I could at least use it doing something I enjoy more.

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