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My internet decided it was not going to work for me.

Confession Time.

*raising right hand* Hi.  My name is Sunny and I am addicted to the internet.

Acknowledging it is the first step right?

So I tried unplugging my modem and plugging it in again … and again.  No luck.

So I took a deep breath and called Rogers.  Rogers and I have not had the best relationship as evident here and here.  The CSR tried a few options but they didn’t work.  Resigned to a day or 3 without internet I braced myself for the reveal of the next available appointment with a technician.

It was my lucky day, I was on the phone at 11:30 am with the CSR and he told me he could get me a tech before 2 pm … SAME day.

Whoo hoo!!

The tech told me what I already know.  The building needs to be updated and that will not happen until my building management and Rogers get on the same page.  While he did give my internet a dedicated cable it wasn’t enough to make the signal constant.  His suggestion was to move my modem closer to the cable jack and that would be enough to make the signal stronger.

Since I have a slight addiction, I tried what he suggested and it worked.

What this does for me is constant internet.  What this means to my kids is that they no longer have internet on their computers as they were plugged into the modem.

My options are:

  1. Buy 2 internet cables long enough to run around or over my dining room to reach my kids’ computers
  2. Buy 2 wireless cards to plug into their computers
  3. Move the furniture around to bring the computers closer to the modem for free

I don’t know about you but I will be trying #3 first.

Today I have to take my Aunt to Future Shop so she can look at televisions.  While there I will price out cable and wireless cards just in case I am not impressed with my free fix.


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  1. Hi. My name is Rafiki and I am also addicted to the internet. I could probably last a day but after that I would go nuts. I need a few hours fix daily and I am proud.

    Failing your free fix, cable is the next cheapest option. It may not be the neatest but it is definitely cheaper and it holds a more solid connection. I run a cable to my xbox and it goes right across the living room. I disconnect it when not in use. If you do get the cable, every has to be a bit more careful so as not to trip.

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